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Thank you for this Rob.

Please may I offer some information on the NON-British-unit gallantry awards to men of the Kohima Garrison, during the siege, who served in Indian or Burma Army units. The list is:

4/7th Rajputs – MC.

4/12th Frontier Force Regiment – MC.

Assam Regiment – MC – IDSM (Indian Distinguished Service Medal) – 2 x MM.

Assam Rifles – 2 x MC – MM.

Burma Regiment – MC.

Indian Artillery – DSO (Distinguished Service Order) – MC.

Indian Signals – MM.

Royal Indian Army Service Corps – DSO – MC.

Indian Army Medical Corps & Indian Medical Service – DSO – MC – MM.

Six of the above awards were to British officers serving in Indian Army units and the remainder were awards to Indians.

I am very pleased to see the award of the Military Cross to Subadar Multan Singh IOM, 4th Battalion 7th Rajput Regiment. His was the “Forgotten Company” that also marched up the hill to Kohima and reached it as the siege started. It fought throughout the siege but historians have tended to ignore it.

Perhaps now we can start giving fair and long overdue credit to the sepoys who fought at Kohima – without them the Japanese would have had a walkover.

James Barratt’s MC (1/17th Dogras) was for bravery and leadership on the TONZANG – TIDDIM road on 18 September 1944 – see National Archives reference WO 373/36/235.


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