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In paperback soon (9th May in UK; 11th May in USA)!
Escaping from the burning 'Yankee Raider' and from Occupied France, 6 September 1943 to 23 January 1944
Frank Owen
Why is this question, which never seems to go away, still important?
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Graham MC*
By Bill Slim
I have just come back from one of my twice-yearly visits to India, and was describing my latest visit to a British friend. Since I first visited (very…

February 2023

The White Regime and the Problem of Insurgency – Rhodesia 1965 to 1979
Every now and then an old battle resurrects itself to rage across social media about the origins and practice of the word Auftragstaktik. In these…
Following a pleasing number of requests I am happy to announce that my friends at Sampan Travel have organised a series of very special guided tours to…
Hyperbole? Some people think so. A historian of empire at a well-known British university - incidentally one where I received one of my post-graduate…